If you want to check you Thai Government lottery ticket for luck than there are several ways to do it with ease:

  1. Look for your numbers in the table of winning numbers below.
  2. Type this URL in your browser: lottery.co.th than add # (no gaps) than add your ticket’s six numbers (no gaps). The URL should look like lottery.co.th#123456. This site will show you a popup window saying if you win or loose.
  3. If you have LINE messanger than add Siam Lottery to your friends to know the results.
  4. The live lottery broadcast via Youtube can be viewed here.
  5. There are more ways to check the lottery but you’ll have to speak Thai to use them.

Check Powerball lottery

The periodLinks
16 Sep. .. 2020Check lottery
1. .. 2020Check lottery
17. . 2020Check lottery
30 Dec. . 2019Check lottery
16 Dec. . 2019Check lottery
1 Dec. . 2019Check lottery
16 Nov. ….. 2019Check lottery
1 Nov. ….. 2019Check lottery
16 Oct. . 2019Check lottery
1 Oct. . 2019Check lottery
16 Sep. ….. 2019Check lottery

We monitor the accuracy of the lottery in each draw automatically. Anyway computer errors may occur.
To ensure the accuracy of the information we strongly advise you to visit the Government Lottery Office website and check the results of the lottery.

Source: https://www.lottery.co.th/