Settling in Thailand has been written to offer a different perspective on life in Thailand from the multitude of books written on Thailand, focusing on perceived negative aspects of expat life or indulging in nightlife or Thai girlfriend related material. The book is written by two British professional expats and includes interviews with another 13 expats, all of whom are, or have been, in ‘quality’ employment or business in Thailand. Thailand – especially Bangkok – is developing rapidly and a more employment / business focused professional is more likely to typify the average expat these days. In spite of the above, Settling in Thailand does not seek to hide or apologise for Thailand’s nightlife or social life between expats and locals – the book takes a non-judgemental and neutral stance and presents life in Thailand as it is. As well as all the basics such as accommodation, finances, health and so on, the book also covers topics such as integrating, making friends, speaking Thai, Thai TV, comedy and songs and lots more. Most importantly, the authors strongly believe that insight from personal experiences of those who have or are living here long term are far more valuable to a potential foreigner considering moving to Thailand than generic information on the Internet or so-called experts’ opinions. As an example, while there is much on the Internet about the low cost of living in Thailand, the reality is quite the opposite when one considers the standard of living and lifestyle requirements of most foreigners. Another example is the talk of great weather in Thailand whereas the reality the constant hot and humid weather presents some challenges, not to mention the occasional flooding etc. The book provides insight into key factors that influence whether living in Thailand will work out for expats, what different standards of living feel like in real life and lots more. Interviews with expats in Thailand who offered insight and experience of living in Thailand include:An ex Executive Director level banker at one of Thailand’s largest banksTwo retireesA financial software company owner and ex-global banking tech MD who speaks fluent Thai A hotel ownerA working mum insurance executive and founder of website on having a baby in ThailandA teacher / owner of Thailand’s largest teaching website with almost 30 years living in ThailandA Filipino consultant who speaks fluent Thai A sports bar manager who speaks, reads and writes Thai and also runs a local performing arts venueA filmmaker and more…This book is also available in a different cover (listed separately under different ISBN).

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